26 October 2006

Pofaced by poetry

Poetry is a thing I do not like.

So for my first scribblings properly published (be it in an anthology of 'children's' writing- beyond belittling) to be of that godforsaken medium poetry is vexing. To say the least.

Don't get me wrong, the odd witty limerick in it's place can border on being a hoot, and I'm not averse to a bit of verse in the manner of Shakespeare or Chaucer (it would be heresy to say otherwise). But bog standard, everyday poetry is just not my bag. It seems self-indulgent, conciously pretentious, and I'm always a little suspicious of something that 'can mean whatever you want it to mean'. It is, in conclusion, not a pleasure to read. Which is what reading should be.

Seeing my own two poems (the word must now be in italics in order to convey my scorn and disgust) in black and white between the covers of a real live book is squirm-inducing. I wouldn't be so annoyed, but they said that to submit any script writing it would have to be five pages long. Mine was only two, so I fell back on the poetry. Yet, on receiving the book today, there are many, many examples of people's script writing that is far less that five pages. Grrr...

So I now look like I think I am a poet, having selected what I consider to be my best work to submit to the compilers. When in reality I more than aware that they are tripe. However, the advantage of poetry is (and this is it's only saving grace) that somebody may take my poems to mean that they are actually fantastic. Suckers.

Atleast I am not the truly appalling young girl who insisted on giving a reading at the distribution of the anthologies. Brat does not cover the half of it. I blame the parents; two pushy individuals already asking what was on the course next year, and smiling and applauding indulgently when their darling had finished her reading and was looking disappointed when not presented with a bouquet. Still, the mother did shout out (rather rudely in my opinion) to some unfortunate who stumbled into the library where it was all being held 'The library is CLOSED, being a Wednesday'. It is actually Thursday today. Dimwit. I bet she is an avid reader of poetry.


Chris said...

She was truly awful - the whole experience was a bit squirm inducing - so much cake for so few people. BUT actually I liked your poems and I really don't "do" poetry, even Keats or Sheakespeare leave me confused.

Put it all in the comic novel...............

Mike said...

Your poetry is not the "means whatever you want it to mean" type - it is definitely the "means what Anna wants it to mean" type, which is much better. The poet - poem - reader channel is clear and uncluttered, with your poems.