18 October 2006

Me: Can I interest you in a Human Rights badge? It's in aid of Protect the Human Week. Only £2 and comes in three jaunty colours! The height of fashion, everybody wants one. Human Rights badges!

Sullen Year 12 male tw*t: Grunt. Nah, yer alright. (no eye contact and concluded with a shrug)

Me (in my head): I'm alright! I'm alright? Yes, because it's so much trouble to accept the money that would be going to a good cause and potentially save a life. Yes, I would much prefer to bypass all financial acceptence and move straight along to the next hapless victim of my nagging and guilt tripping. Thanks for doing me such a favour by declining to cough up a measly couple of quid and enabling me to take my wares elsewhere. I really couldn't be more grateful.

Me: Ok, thanks anyway! We're here all week! (insane grin)

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Chris said...

Saving the world is such a thankless task and usual involves draughty corridors and ignorant school boys.