30 April 2006

Blog Virgin

Against all my better instincts, I have succumbed to the technological craze that has swept the nation, and yes dear reader, even the world (not that this means anything in terms of our little patch of obscurity, Hexham, which is a different planet in itself of course). So I have proved myself a sheep (yet, naturally, in anna's clothing) but nick has inspired me to set aside my reluctancy to involve myself in techno wizardry and the scary dot-com empire; the moment has come to move with the times and accept that the days of quill and ink are, alas and woe is me, well and truly over.
God knows if this will last, it could well turn out to be the last in a long list of unfinished projects and idealistic concepts never to blossom fully. I like to think of it as sampling the many varied flavours that make up the surrounding construct of my world, of which exploration is crucial, rather than a short concentration span and laziness. Lets hope this particular intention holds strong however...though i'm not holding my breath (why anyone would ever hold their breath in this context, even if if confident levels are sky high, eludes me- it surely can't help matters and just makes you go a funny colour, bizarre).
Should be fun, an online diary as it were, and as good a mode of self expression as any I should think. Perhaps even cathartic, though this could be a little deep, we are dealing with computers after all. Will probs dip in and out every so often with the odd anecdote, rant, or a mere desperate attempt to quell boredom. Can't guarantee compelling, riveting or even mildly interesting reading. But, if luck is on our side, a glimpse into the life of anna- teenager, prisoner of the sofa, unassuming drama queen- may well be experienced. So, after lowering all expectations in all camps, adieu... for now.