12 October 2006

Modern Myths

Charvs are all thick, foul-mouthed yobs.
Oxbridge students are all posh, swotty boffins.
Emo kids are all morbidly depressed.
Anorexics all want to be skinny.
Old people are all inept.
Brothers are all infuriating idiots.
Those who bear the name of Kirk are all bonkers.

People who make generalisations are all stupid.

A lone charv can be an articulate and charming delight.
I have been to Cambridge and witnessed with my own eyes that there is also a percentage (be it a small one) of 'normal' folk. Also, I am applying so there must be some cool people.
I have, at least on one occasion, seen a dark eyed, side swept fringed youth crack a smile or two.
Some anorexics would actually like an arse.
My parents can, at a push, carry out simple day to day tasks reasonably well.
Brothers can be mildly amusing oftentimes, and perform dahing heroic acts with flair.

I make generalisations frequently. (This argument is somewhat lacking, granted)

Kirk's are all bonkers however.


Mike said...

Who are you calling old?
And who are you calling bonkers?

You want to come outside and say that? I'll show you chav..

chris said...

At least she doesn't mean me, not being a Kirk and all.....

anna said...

The initiation period is over, I think it's time you called yourself an honourary Kirk. You have sold your soul I'm afraid. It's too late for you now...