9 December 2010

[Paoulo and Francesca, Inferno]

I slipped on unseen ice a week ago and no eyes blinked.
It was my tailbone that bore the brunt. But once dusted off, the shock moved up without me knowing. Tailbone to breastbone and a week of dull ache and old-woman moans. Sneezes are the worst, but the saddest thing is that it hurts to laugh. And not like when I used to get exquisite shooting pains in my shoulder when I giggled too damn much with best friends in boy-postered bedrooms.

Gianciotto pierced Francesca's bosom with a rapier, spearing both her and Paulo, flesh close to flesh, splintered bone.

I think I'm Francesca.

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Ma said...

It has just occurred to me, reading your heart rending post, that you may actually have done some damage - like cracked some bones. Have you registered with a doctor by the way?