16 December 2010

Blue blue electric blue


I sat down and watched the Blue Peter Christmas Special. It has been years and it has changed. A friend was singing on it (full-grown adult I must add), but I watched the whole thing. One of the presenters was leaving, it was their last show. There was a best-bit montage. We emoted. I felt that I had only just got to know this boy-man who was now being untimely ripped from my life-slash-infequent-televisual-viewing. He looked like a Shoreditch Hipster. This is what happens when you ignore a show for a time. Also, they put a baby in a bucket to create a modern-day Nativity scene. Where is Matt Baker and his lovely Northern tones? Where is Stuart Miles and Anthea Turner and botched Blue Peter 'makes'? Where are all the Tracy Islands? Though the badge on the friend's grown-up-coat's lapel is covetable.

I followed this with Rupert Goold's MACBETH. The most awesome of poetry. Soviet, lifts, the Lady's cheekbones, blood spatters, Irish Porter, hubble bubble nurses dancing on corpses, Patrick Stewart's bald severed head. I always dread the Macduff family slaughter and this was killer. All My Pretty Ones. If this had been on the big screen I probably would have suffered cardiac arrest.

It is Jane Austen's 235th Birthday. And Colin Firth has publicly dropped his support for the Liberal Democrats.


Ma said...

Matt is now the 'housewives' favourite on Strictly...........although he looks a little unseemly in the rumba, but he's still Northern, a local lad.

Ned said...

ahem, KATY HILL!!!?!?!?!!!?!?!?!?

(When I was a kid I told other kids that Stuart Miles was my big brother)

anna said...

Ma, I love that you are quotation marking 'housewives' to try and distance yourself from the fawning rabble.
ALSO, Katy Hill was an excellent role model, how could I forget her? I bet you though she was well hot.
I WISH Stuart was your brother (please say he is, and that he makes you Tracy Islands for your birthday. Or just because he's your awesome big brother).

F said...

NAB (aka yours truly) tweeted about Jane's bday yesterday! Why not take this opportunity to buy our extremely expensive recording of her complete works..?!