7 December 2009

Florence Nonsense

Unnervingly, I have discovered that I am Florence from The Magic Roundabout.

Messy crop, a fan of bows, sticky-out skirt, blank expression, terrible posture. Me.

Easily distracted by flowers, wide-eyed with awe in the face of distress, driven by a desire for everybody to be super-duper lovely and happy all the time. Me.

Jerkily graceful as she floats through a stop-motion, psychedelic, technicolour seventies world. Me.

A puppet. Not so much...

Maybe it's not unnerving. Maybe it's actually FABULOUS.


Ma said...

All you need is a friend called Zebedee and you're sorted - I'm sure you can find someone in London with such a great name. But, also, remember Florence can be shortened to Flo, which doesn't sound as good.

Nicky said...

bagsy dougal.