30 September 2009

Viney Vino

Ahh, Distant Vines... A name evocative of mellow sunsets, warming and intermingling fresh flavours, aromatic vapours, and evenings sipping from vintage tumblers on the veranda.

In reality it was dirt cheap, the colour of neon blushes and tasted of Ribena laced with meths. And classily consumed out of teeny plastic faux-wine glasses that made the drinker resemble the BFG sipping from dolls' house kitchenware.

That's what comes from shopping in a King's Cross Costcutter. Do not be tempted by the lure of the poetically labelled Distant Vines. The vines may be distant, but the vomit less so.

1 comment:

Mike said...

But it was cheap, so it had a least one virtue.
I note that Threshers is recruiting, at least around here. They train the staff in wine tasting, so that might might solve your drinking problem - access.