22 September 2009

Honey, I'm Home

The observant, and impatient, readers of this pink-hued page will have doubtlessly noted the brief hiatus in blogging of late. This is due to the Beelzebubic bus journeys, bubonic blood blisters, battles with buggering blu tac, breaks for Billy Elliot, and banishment to the barren land of No Internet that is MOVING.

Highlights of the whole experience include the valiant pair of pro tem removal men being mesmerised by the image of an outsize Mad Hatter hat as it was blown down the street whilst a Chinese girl excitedly declared her love of Alice, a smelly barefooted urchin getting frostbite whilst defrosting a pea-studded freezer, a Moomin trying to hang itself from the threads of a charity shop skirt/curtain, the magical metamorphosis of a sofa turning into a packaged bed-in-bits, two technophobes coming up with a password for the new wireless broadband connection that linked with my special subject essay on sex in Austen, and the most weedy of folk generally trying to be butch as Hell's Angels as we attacked the stairs with heavy and awkward objects. Let's just say we were less than angelic, and probably deserve to go to hell for the language that was provoked during those clunky-bumpy times...

But the Heavenly Heath, Arcadian attic and Empyrean atmosphere more than make up for whatever hellish hilarity may have occurred, hysterical in all senses.

Normal service shall be resumed forthwith.


Ma said...

V glad the broadband is working then!

Anonymous said...

i am a hells angel