30 August 2009


After extensive research, much method acting, many an experience 'in the field' and the odd duvet day of hopelessness, I have discovered highlights of happiness. (Interestingly, I also equate multi-coloured highlighters with happiness. But that's another post for another day...)

So, unadulterated happiness is...

Backseat delirium travelling back from the Dordogne. Trippy chit-chat and giggles with N whilst on the long night drive. Stopping off for a midnight fast-food feast at an airport-style service station, the salt, e-numbers and post-holiday fatigue making for a happy dream of a journey.

Returning from a Christmas Oddsocks, jumping into jim-jams and settling in the playroom with brothers, a cheesy, family-saga, seasonal film and eating, eating, eating - Christmas pudding-shaped rum truffles and mince pie after mince pie after mince pie. Comfortable and cosy.

A Make Perry Merry evening in C's room. Whipping up butterscotch Angel Delight with a hand whisk and a lot of elbow grease, dunking soft cookies into bowls of pudding whilst curled up on the double bed with my mateys and watching 'A Little Princess' on DVD. Every girl (and Perry) is a princess, says Sarah Crewe. Heed her words.

Heading to Waterloo on a late summer's evening with a like-minded friend (to discover someone who is familiar with The Princess Bride is a rare thing, to find that they have also seen and love both Serenity and ALL of Firefly is positively unheard of!) in order to watch a Spanish farce of a film set in the 1940s, after sharing a bottle of full-bodied red by the prop of a white piano.

Unspoilt perfection. And things to dwell on whilst doing the dishes, paying deposits and unclogging plugholes.


Ma said...

Sadly it always comes back to unblocking plugholes - or cleaning loos.........
And don't forget different sized, multi-cloured post it notes too, bliss.

Nicky said...

It was trippy and giggly and cramped and wriggly.
The car sped down the road as we forbode,
our sleves to sleep. "Awake myself i must keep"
I manically mutterd as my sister utterd
to us all, on the sublime, the random, her mind running just like tandem.
Two states of being: one mental one gental.
This was the journey from the south of france, it was like a trip, it was like a trance.

Just a lil something i composed on the subject of our travels from the Dordogne x

anna said...

I love it! Seriously child, this is good stuff. I put it down to the inspirational effect of your sister, your muse...