25 February 2009


I feel shortchanged. I went all the way to Wimbledon and not a Womble to be seen. Why else would one venture to zone 3 if not lured by the possibility of sighting Wombles wombling free?

What I did see however was:

Actual streets - proper roads with terraced houses and everything.

A perfectly pruned, chocolate-box pretty tree, bearing tiny white flowers, overhanging a little wooden gate leading to one of the terraced houses that is no doubt home to a young family of 2.4 children who call their parents Mummy and Daddy and are already grade 8 standard in both piano and violin.

A great deal of pancake batter*. Not necessarily all in the frying pan.

Perry experiencing a sugar high. Chocolate flowed liberally through his pancakes, chocolate flows liberally through the man's veins.

A living room. Lounge. Sitting room. Whatever you want to call it. The fact is, the flat actually had one. Aah, sofas...

An Oxford educated Classicist attempting to rap about the Emperor Augustus. Braap!

Too many re-fills of red wine.

But no Wombles. Or, indeed, yummy mummies. More disappointed about the Wombles.

*Incidentally, I don't think I will be giving up anything for Lent. I'm not one to emulate Christ. I mean, look what happened to him... I'll take the pancakes though.
Oh dear, the devil and I would have probably ended up being BFFs in that desert.


Ma said...

You have to go to the Common to see the Wombles - you must remember the song........

Thomas said...

You must remember wombles are secretive creatures and very shy of humans. If you're quiet they can be seen at night on the common.

Nicky said...

I must point out that it was infact I, your adorable brother, who wrote that. take note readers, it is i that is prime with a rhyme, the guy who has the skills to pay the bills, the man with a plan. What did he think of it? Any historical incorrections etc?
N xx

Anonymous said...

*who wrote that rap

anna said...

Adorable, eh? That is in keeping with the whole rudeboy, gangsta image, yeah? Anyways, the Classicist is in fact thinking about using said rap as a teaching aid! Love it. Smithy would be proud.

Nicky said...

haha, brilliant. i do love contributing to the world of education!
and yes...i am adorable and propa G at the same time.
N xx

Ma said...

Nick - not wishing to hijack Anna' blog, but I was just wondering about your comment, 'pay the bills'.......so you'll be paying me back shortly then?