17 November 2007

I Do. You Do. We All Do The Haiku.

In keeping with the spirit of Cumberland Lodge and all that happened in this glorious place of firesides and tapestries, I have decided to be more 'creative' with my 'writing' and relate the essence of the trip through the medium of Haiku.

Over strong coffee - You
Write like an American,
John Sutherland said

From black to white to
Sublime to silly - Hitchcock
Master of the flicks

Striding out in frost
Bobble-hatted, happy, high
Hopes to meet Darcy

Sinking in sofa,
Drowning in tea, reading
The Guardian - joy!

Politics aside,
There's something to be said for


nicky said...

wow!...whats it about by the way?

anna said...

What do you mean 'what is it about'?? They are just a handful of haikus and haikus are notoriously absurd and open to interpretation. Make of them what you will.

Nicky said...

ok. thinking about it u seem to be right...as per

Mike said...


Some of them are very good! Very evocative. And absurd.

Maybe he meant you write like JD Salinger, so thats a real compliment. JD Salinger had a bobble hat too.

Chris said...


Okay, so how, exactly, does an American write?

anna said...

Goodness knows, I'm not sure if it's a compliment or criticism. And anyway, I prefer to see myself as more of a Fitzgerald than Salinger.

Ma said...

Scott or Zelda?

anna said...

Well, Zelda was the nuts one so maybe you should come to your own conclusions on that one... But she did live the high life - what with highballs and glamour aplenty. Also, she had access to amazing flapper clothes. Yup, Zelda all the way!