21 February 2007

An Anna for Any Occasion

Having a multifaceted persona is both a drag and a boon. It sums up my relationship to the much eulogised concept of choice; which Anna to be right at this moment? Except, thankfully, the decision is often made for me, detectable by how I am addressed.

So, the quick guide to the many faces of Anna...

Anna Kirk - Only used on formal occasions, and by people who do not know me. Strikes a sense of fear in me as will obviously be required to do something of an official capacity.

Banana - 'At home Anna', a term used when pottering. Light and detatched.

Lamb - Often with the prefix 'poor'. A term unique to pa, and in answer to some minor injury (eg, stubbed toe) or misfortune. Harks back to times past, when scrapes were common.

Small - Generic term of ma's for whichever one of her brood looks mopesome and dejected enough to warrant it. Helps lift the spirits. Small needs protecting and indulging.

Narna - Used by a closeknit group, and resonant of a certain intense period. Narna was mostly in a state of giggles and piss-taking. An endearment, but also used as a lighthearted insult eg. 'You tripped over in front of everyone? What a narna!'.

Kirky - The most common term, and who I am for a large percentage of the week. Kirky is a bit of a harmless div, chucklesome, bitchy and occasionally a stresshead regarding work.

Vodka and Kirk - Anna when out with cohorts. Dancer, drinker, waffler, gossiper.

Vodka - Anna when out at the end of the night, and those around are increasingly under the influence. Not to be mistaken with desperate cries for more intoxication.

AnnaK - Purely used by R, and not entirely sure why. Sounds cool when she says it, and I immediately know who requires me.

You'll find me at the freakshow all week: The Girl with Many Faces


Chris said...

What about "Anna Spanner" plain ole' "Anna"?

anna (but which one??) said...

In rare usage in these modern times. Also, it is only J who calls me Anna Spanner, so I guess that's the name for 'older sister who is being mocked'. A good persona to have when the time calls for it I'm sure.