17 January 2007

Some things I would like to know

Why I am currently allying myself with technology and the modern craze of blogging instead of being an ancient historian and doing the essay that I very much need to do.

How old Clenny actually is. And if the undertaker should be on speed dial.

What imperialist triumphalism is.

The reasons behind having yet another Celebrity Big Brother.

The reasons behind anybody actually watching Celebrity Big Brother.

Why there is about a million and twenty six themes in 'Measure for Measure', and only two in 'The Wife of Bath': sex and more sex.

How Zach Braff is not beloved by all and praised as a God by some small tribe.

Why it isn't allowed to read the paper in a certain section of the library, despite reading quietly and not disturbing anybody, and having to relocate to the 'Newspaper Reading Section'. For crying out loud.

Why I seem to be the most blasphemous heretic alive whenever in the presence of a religious person. By the way, have a good joke: Jesus checked into a hotel. He had a handful of nails and asked 'Can you put me up for the night?'

What the point of an AS level in Critical Thinking is.

What the mysterious illness is that TimmyB is suffering from.

Why I have still not started that freakin essay.


ma said...

Groundhog Day?

ma said...

and who is TimmyB? sounds like a teddy bear or pet rabbit.

anna said...

No reference to groundhog day, just posted the same post twice by accident. Another thing I would like to know: how to actually work a computer.
TimmyB is rather like a teddy bear, but a dreadlocked one, as it is in fact Mr B the philosophy teacher who has gone loopy.