26 September 2006

Quotes of the week, emerging from that bountious, intelectually abounding, idealogically nurturing, undwindingly nutty intstitution referred to affectionately as 'school'.

'Yes, I went to my scan. Yes, the baby's fine. Has all fingers and toes etc. Yes, it was an amazing experience. It does look like a piranha though.' Mrs M, English

'You were definitely there Joe. You were! You must have the sheet, I expressly remember you being in that lesson. It was the sheet that I then copied off you later.'
'You copying off me?! Then I definitely can't have been there! That'll be the day, when it's me doing the work and Kirky doing the copying.' Joe, Ancient History

'My report is crazy!!! Have you seen what they said in English?!!! In the target and aims section it said that I should seriously try some relaxation exercises!!! Isn't that hilarious?!!!!' Barnsey, said a million miles an hour

'I hate her! She is such a slag. The Wife of Bath really is a whore!' Harry, English

'Noooo! Not active learning again! Active learning is craaaaap.' the English class, en masse

Mr S: So, does everyone now know what they're meant to be doing?


Laura: Yes

Mr S: Thankyou Laura! The only person who ever actually listens to me

Laura: Sorry, what?
Ancient History

'Right, so the Roman Emperors, in order, were Augustus, Tiberius, Gaius, Claudius, Nero, Galba, Otho, Vitellius, Vespasian, Titus, Domitian, Keith.' Sarah, Ancient History

It is therefore worth going in sometimes.


Chris said...


anna said...

As much as I enjoy (and deserve) this praise, a little expansion from time to time would not go amiss. Merci.

chris said...

I meant the Keith bit actually - too overwhelmed with mirth at the time to expand.........

anna said...

Then all is fogiven, oh mother of mine!