2 September 2010

Breakfasts in Victoria Park Village. Lunches in Soho Square. Dinners in Turnpike Lane.

Wine in Hackney Wick. Ale on Highgate Road. Gin and tonics in Kilburn. Red Stripe in Brick Lane. A pint in a plastic cup in Clapham.

Take-away tea on the 236.


Mike said...

You are just everywhere! Everywhere that is anywhere, that is to say.
That seems to be a big pub-crawl. I do hope that you are sticking to the recommended limits of about 4 units a day - that is about a glass and a half of "Don Cortez".

Ned said...


& I will see youuuuuu soon!

anna said...

Don Cortez is my tipple of choice, naturally! (Not the local two for a fiver...) And I wish this had all been in a day. However, it is now my LIFE. Yes.

Nednedned, I look forward to French dinners in Islington. Oui, oui, c'est om nom nom.

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