21 August 2010


I bought myself a mood ring.
So now I know what mood I'm in.

I bought it from my mad relatives' bonkers stone shop in Bridlington.

It's good that it tells me how I'm feeling. It mostly tells me I'm 'very happy'. Dark blue does not mean I'm feeling blue. Apparently.

A rainbow ring that knows things.


Anonymous said...

You shouldn't let rings have so much power, haven't you seen Lord of the Rings?

Ma said...

Did we ever find out what brown meant?

Frances said...

I used to have so many mood rings...bring them back I say - one should be able to get them in everyday shops as well as in coastal towns xx

anna said...

Brown is a MYSTERY. And it turns brown a lot... It probably means confused, due to be confused at what the devil brown means. But it does sparkle all the time, so brown becomes all glittery and glamorous. Well, glamorous for cheap and tacky mood rings. BRING THEM BACK indeed. They tell you how you feel so people would save a helluvalot on therapy.