21 October 2009

Numerical Notion

A heartening thought for seldom-read scribblers (ahem...), philosophers down on their luck, poets in anguish and writers in woe:

Scythrop did not despair. 'Seven copies', he thought, 'have been sold. Seven is a mystical number, and the omen is good. Let me find the seven purchasers of my seven copies, and they shall be the seven golden candlesticks with which I will illuminate the world'.

The crucial thing, of course, is to reach the magical, though meagre, circulation of seven. And not to overshoot this. An eighth purchaser of any treatise or manifesto can cast the whole world into darkness and DOOM.


Ma said...

On a Blog, how do you know how many people have read it? It's not the same as the number who comment, so that poses a bit of a potential doom dilemma.

Mike said...

I had to research your references - really you become more esoteric as time goes by.
"Purchasers" implies money changing hands - I do hope that you achieve this, but obscure references to a roman รก clef by Peacock may not, perhaps, put you up there with Dan Brown. I think the next post should include a flagellatory monk instead.

anna said...

Are you feeling an intellectual divide, Pa? The padawan becoming the master, perchance? And Thomas Love Peacock should not be obscure, everyone should read him - both for his descriptions of drinking madeira out of skulls, and for his ridiculous name.