11 March 2009

The Life and Passion of St Anna

I really do put the eek! into geek.

I've developed some unfortunate tics,
Spouting pretentious literary lyrics.

For my Romeo, alas, I'm still searching,
Due to resembling a Dickensian urchin.

Thank God we've moved on from Chaucer's time,
So enough with this ridiculous rhyme...!

Basically, I've been getting far too excited by my subject. It is not healthy.
I've been getting overly thrilled by monsters in Shakespeare, too enthusiastic about virgin martyrs having sex with Christ, well and truly fired up by the effect of Dickensian grotesques, and become positively feverish whilst contemplating rakes in Austen (not garden rakes - even I'm not that much of a geek - but the predatory dandy types).

And two members of this household (one being my good self, I'm not going to lie) made reference to the art-critic aesthete Walter Pater, the timid morality hater, in their status on Facebook.
Welcome to Nerdsville.

Never fear however. I am fighting the good fight: Low Culture vs. High Culture. As an attempt to combat this geeky takeover that seems to be occurring I have dedicatedly been swigging Lambrini like billio, committed myself to wearing charvy trakkie bottoms, and have got into the American, O.C-lite drama 90210 in a major way.

I just hope this is enough.

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Ma said...

You need a bit of Phil and Fern to really balance it out.......or Doctors