30 September 2008

House of Mirth

Mat Fleeting House Rules

  1. Always have post-it notes to hand in order to write down stupid/witty/downright hilarious things the residence say and stick them up all over the place.
  2. Be either a) totally extravagant and absent-minded in leaving all switches on the whole time, or b) completely neurotic and anal in going round switching absolutely everything off constantly (even, accidentally, the freezer...)
  3. Every time you go into the kitchen put the kettle on and make a cup of tea/coffee for yourself and anybody else who wants one, which is inevitably the whole household. And this does mean every single time you go into the kitchen.
  4. Always delve into the well-stocked, choc-a-block goodie cupboard for something sweet to dunk into aforementioned hot beverages.
  5. Say 'yer mum' in at least every other sentence, or to finish off other people's sentences.
  6. Ignore the buzzer going. Unless you are Gary, who finally cracks.
  7. Use beds as sofas, coffee tables, dens, rafts out at sea and cosy places for period drama love-ins.
  8. Sing either 'Where is Love' from Oliver, 'They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard', the Mushroom song or 'Pie Jesu' continuously. Or all on a loop.
  9. Have ketchup with absolutely everything.
  10. Refer not to individuals, but to 'Mat Fleeting' as a whole (which originates from a drunken mispronunciation of 'flat meeting' back in the day). We come as one single entity and are a team. Or, as I like to think of us, a harem.


yer mum said...

residence say...........or is that, residents say.........

anna said...

Ok, Ok, I've only been at lectures two days and seminars haven't even begun so I'm out of practice with this writing/spelling malarky... Students eh?