26 October 2007

If ever I'm feeling a little glum, the best cure I find is to simply mull over that precise expression of melancholy.

Feeling a little glum

I imagine a gnome-like creature, small, round and fantastical (perhaps even Tolkeinesque), being tickled to death by little roving hands whilst it wears a resolutely grim facial contortion, before it cracks up in hysterical glee. This always causes a fleeting smile and snigger, therefore banishing the former gloom.

The glumness is solved by envisaging Glums. Glums being felt up.


Mike said...

and when I'm feeling a little blue, i can imagine a Smurf.

nicky said...

hmmm...."im feeling crap" *shudder*

Ma said...

This brings to mind the "life is but a melancholy flower" or more often remembered as life is butter melon, cauliflower.