12 May 2006

Result: computer seizement successful!

Have grabbed a rare free computer before a snivelling, socially inept year nine has a chance to obtain it and proceed to spend thier whole lunchbreak/skived lesson playing on some online game with noisy, retina-offending graphics or learning elvish off the internet or whatever it is they do instead of venturing into the real world, becoming prey of bullying chavs and the butt of everyone's jokes. Bless 'em. However, having managed to actually get one, absolutely nothing of any use is being accomplished and I am merely using it as yet another diversionary tactic to avoid such horrors as LEARNING MY ORAL. I thought maybe putting that in capitals would shock me into doing it. But it didn't.
I may use this vast recepticle of data and information galore to do a bit of research on universities though; constructive and invoking of fulfilment in a studious manner yet not actually requiring me to face doing any real work/revision/staring uncomprehendingly at sheets, photocopies and my own unintelligable scrawlings. Although, looking at unis may be just as scary and unnerving as looking at straining folder of the past year's work, as going on to further education requires me to actually get through this stage first. Hmmm... bit of a bugger that.
But atleast I'm here- a lot of the crew have just left for spoons. Now that's hardcore. S's Birthday must be celebrated in style though.
The biggest sod's law I have ever had the misfortune to experience trampled well and truly through our morning today. Due to a flash of inspiration sent from above, the grand present for S's 18th was to be a phone. Her old one merely had to be looked at before exploding into a thousand pieces and having to be reassembled before any use was to be got out of it. A super-duper, high tech, uber-sophistocated one was identified (know nothing about these communication device thingymajigs so couldn't tell you what type) and paid for, after extensive research into whether or not she would be receiving one from anyone else. But horror of horrors! The exact same phone was given to her by her sister, only a couple of hours before our's was presented. Damn and double damn. To say the least. But S is of a sensible nature and could see the thought and gesture of immense proportions was there. The money will probs go on Fosters. A fair exchange.
Right, focus. Back on track. Uni research. Discovering that everything is ridiculously complicated, expensive, daunting, and well beyond my means needs to be attended to. Followed by learning french. God, I need a coffee. Maybe I'll go meet R in the cafe instead.


Anonymous said...

Just get on with it and then it will done and thats it........you know, like your parents do.....!

Anonymous said...

What is with your attack on year 9's? I mean it's bad enough just having the feeling that everybody hates you, let alone it openly(?) being shoved in our face. You should be very very very very very very very very ashamed

Anonymous said...

Yep, buying presents is so difficult - if you give what they need, then the risk is that another donor has identified the same need, and if you get something frivolous, then, well, its frivolous.

But S should be able to ring up two uni's at once now.